About Us

Welcome to MTC

Equipping Pastors and Ministers with the tools they need to lead with conviction, compassion, and a deep understanding of their spiritual calling

Our Mission

Equipping and empowering rural pastors with knowledge

Our Vision

Empowering Rural Pastors, Transforming Communities.

Our Values

Nurturing leaders who will be agents of positive change, bringing hope

MTC History

MTC was born out of the pain that I saw in our great country Uganda more especially in rural areas. The opportunities for bible collages, bible schools, and bible institutes always stop in Kampala city or urban centers of Uganda. Ministers and Pastors from rural areas do not get the opportunities to explore the Bible.
That’s why I got the pain to start and God have been merciful, in the maiden graduation last year, we awarded certificates to the grandaunts totaling to 450.

Our Teachers

David Ssenfuma

David Ssenfuma


Minister at Village Church Kabaga and Founder of Better Tomorrow Ministries in Nakaseke District Uganda.

Pastor Kagabo

Pastor Kagabo


Pastor at Village Church Kabaga, Founder and Director of Missionary Training Centre and Kabaga Childcare Ministries.



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Faith-Centered Learning

We believe in the transformative power of faith. Our training is rooted in a deep understanding of Christian principles, encouraging pastors to lead with compassion, integrity, and a profound connection to their spiritual calling.

Excellence in Leadership

We strive for excellence in leadership development. Our curriculum integrates practical skills, effective communication, and visionary thinking to empower pastors to lead with confidence and competence.

Community Impact

We are committed to instilling a sense of responsibility and service in our pastors. Our training emphasizes community development, encouraging pastors to become catalysts for positive change in the lives of individuals.

Collaborative Learning

We promote a collaborative learning environment where pastors can share experiences, insights, and best practices. This community-centered approach fosters a network of support and encouragement.


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