Rural Pastors Training 2023 (MTC Classes)

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Rural Pastors Training 2023 (MTC Classes)

Village Church Kabaga proudly announces the Missionary Training Centre (MTC), a dynamic initiative aimed at equipping Pastors and ministers with the knowledge and skills to become impactful servants of God. In 2023, classes were held in Mubende, Kibale, Kyenjojo, Kagadi, and Kakumiro districts, the MTC is making a significant difference in communities across the nation. This means that in the coming year 2024, we shall host the rural pastors classes in different sets of districts which shall be announced at a later stage.

Overview of MTC Classes:

The MTC classes, held once per week in the aforementioned districts, run annually for a transformative period of six months—from April to September. This comprehensive program encompasses rigorous bible study and hands-on missionary work, providing students with a holistic education that combines theological understanding with practical application.

Locations and Schedule:

The strategic choice of locations, from Mubende to Kakumiro, reflects our commitment to reaching diverse communities and fostering a spirit of inclusivity. Each MTC Centre serves as a hub for learning, collaboration, and community building. Classes are conducted weekly, creating a consistent and engaging learning environment for participants.

Graduation and Celebration:

The culmination of this enriching journey occurs on the last Friday of September each year when our dedicated students proudly graduate from the Missionary Training Centre. It’s a momentous occasion filled with joy, celebration, and a deep sense of accomplishment as these individuals are equipped to embark on their missionary journeys with confidence and purpose. The maiden graduation took place on 29th September 2023 which saw over 450 people graduate.

Bible Study and Missionary Work:

The heart of the MTC classes lies in the combination of in-depth bible study and practical missionary work. Students delve into the scriptures, gaining a profound understanding of theology, and apply their knowledge through hands-on experiences in local communities. This dual approach ensures that graduates are not only well-versed in scripture but also equipped to serve and uplift those they encounter in their missionary endeavors.

Join Us in Transforming Lives:

Village Church Kabaga extends an open invitation to individuals with a passion for mission work to join our Missionary Training Centre. Whether you’re in Mubende, Kibale, Kyenjojo, Kagadi, or Kakumiro, there’s a hub near you where you can engage in a transformative journey of learning, service, and personal growth.

Stay tuned for updates on classes, events, and the impactful stories emerging from our Missionary Training Centre. Let’s continue to empower leaders and transform communities through the powerful combination of knowledge, faith, and action at Village Church Kabaga.


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