MTC Curriculum

At MTC’s Rural Pastors Training, our holistic academic programs are tailored to equip pastors serving in rural communities with essential skills for effective leadership and community impact. From cultivating visionary leadership and fostering financial stewardship to deepening spiritual journeys, fostering church growth, and mastering impactful evangelism techniques, our programs ensure pastors are well-prepared to lead, serve, and transform lives in their rural congregations.

MTC Admission

Thank you for taking interest in the Rural Pastors Training Program by Missionary Training Centre with our vision of “Empowering Rural Pastors, Transforming Communities”. This is the procedure of registering to take part in the six months MTC Courses.


Our Leadership Program is designed to nurture and enhance the leadership skills of pastors serving in rural communities. Through practical lessons and case studies, pastors learn effective decision-making, conflict resolution, and visionary leadership, empowering them to guide their congregations with wisdom and purpose.

Church Finance

In the Church Finance Program, pastors gain insights into sound financial stewardship. From budgeting to responsible financial management, this program equips pastors with the knowledge and skills to ensure financial sustainability for their churches, fostering transparency and accountability.


The Discipleship Program focuses on deepening the spiritual journey of pastors and ministers. Through in-depth studies and practical applications, participants learn the art of nurturing and guiding their congregations towards a stronger, more profound relationship with their faith, fostering a sense of unity and purpose.

Church Growth

Our Church Growth Program equips pastors with strategies to cultivate thriving congregations in rural settings. Through proven methodologies and case studies, pastors learn effective outreach, community engagement, and strategic planning, fostering sustainable growth for their churches.


The Evangelism Program is centered on empowering pastors with the tools and skills needed to share the message of faith in their communities. Through practical training and real-life scenarios, pastors learn impactful evangelistic techniques, enabling them to reach hearts and transform lives with the power of the Gospel.

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